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New Haven Sunset


Sunday, September 5th, 2010Archive link to this days posts
New Haven Sunset
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In New Haven
Well, the semester has started and Yale is pretty fun so far. We miss all of our favorite haunts and all of our friends and family, but the astronomy department has been very welcoming. Hopefully some of you will come out and visit us...we will definitely be coming back this winter for a visit.


Friday, January 29th, 2010Archive link to this days posts
Crazy Stairs
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It has been so long since I updated this page that I don't really expect anyone to actually be looking anymore. I kept thinking that I would have the time to update the design/code so that I could have larger images but it hasn't happened yet.

Our recent trip to Chile has resulted in a ton of great images though, so as I pulled up the same old page yet again I decided to upload one. Who knows, maybe this will start a trend:)


Friday, January 9th, 2009Archive link to this days posts
Cloud Cover
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Back from AAS
Now the insane scurrying to get three months of work done in the three weeks before school starts. I have quite a few good pictures to put up from the conference and the last month but for now I will just leave you with a phone picture from the trip home.


Wednesday, December 31st, 2008Archive link to this days posts
Backyard Fog
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Maybe it's just because I spent the first 15 years of my life in the Salinas valley, land of perpetual fog, but I kindof like fog. In our backyard it makes the houses behind ours disappear or look even further away than they are. Everything gets a bit quieter, the light gets softer, and there is a vague sense of mystery. Two mornings in a row now I have been sipping my coffee at the kitchen window and noticed a site like this.


Thursday, November 6th, 2008Archive link to this days posts
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Server Meltdown
Hello all.

Well, this past week was fun...8 hours before leaving for a conference in Quebec, the main propellerheads.com server died, leaving me to scramble to replace it until just before the cab arrived to take us to the airport. For those of you using the server, you probably noticed a really annoying ongoing outage for 4-5 days and I appologize. I did not have adequate backups, so things are taking longer than they should to restore.

Most pieces are back in place, so if you are still having trouble let me know. Just to make matters worse, the outage coincided with an outage of my voicemail and sms caused by AT&T which I didn't even realize until I returned. I sent out notifications to several people who never heard from me.

At any rate, the conference was fun:)


Tuesday, August 28th, 2007Archive link to this days posts
Blood Red Moon
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Blood Red Moon
Well, as tired as I will be today it was worth it. Michele and I got up at 1:30 and had a fantastic dark viewing spot right in the backyard. The eclipse was fantastic and it moved much faster than I remember as a kid:) I didn't really have anything set up for it, but my new little camera propped up on a lens cap took some great pictures.


Monday, August 6th, 2007Archive link to this days posts
Stripes and Feet
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Block Party Fun
It only took three years, but we finally rustled up another block party. This one was as good as the last, or maybe even better since there were more kids and more water. The food was great, the sign was bigger than last time (and stayed in one piece), plenty of neighbors and former neighbors showed up, and everyone had a good time.

The highlight toward the end of the day was the sneak-attack water bombing and subsequent revenge of the super-soakers. The main benefit to small kids is that they are easier to lift, but the drawback is that they don't make very good shields.