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Contact us, or learn more about a few propellerheads or john m. brewer (the chief twirller). Or, did you come here looking for someone else? There are several other groups of well known propellerheads that you can find linked from our 'other' page.

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Need to get ahold of your favorite propellerhead but can't remember their e-mail? In order to reduce SPAM, we don't post our e-mail addresses any more but you can use this handy form to reach us.
Looking for Propellerheads Software? Other Propellerheads Or maybe trying to find the perfect propeller beanie? Or the band The Propellerheads? These, and any other propellerheads that we run in to can be found on our 'other' page.
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Curious as to who built this site, who took the photos, who set up the keyroute wisp, who this john guy is anyway? Well, you can look at his resume anyway.
about us
about us

a few propellerheads started out as an idea for a small consulting business that never quite took off. John, the chief twirller, still does consulting work, mainly in the education and non-profit sectors, as well as web application architecture and design. John's resume is probably synonymous with 'about us' at the moment.