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john m. brewer

April 1998 to Present Freelance Web Designer
a few propellerheads (www.propellerheads.com)
Freelance Web Application design Designed custom content management system and new public web site for Bakesale Betty to enable quick and easy updates for their rapidly growing business. Both sites run on Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Redesigned AMS.NET public web site to promote their new business direction and update their image. Continued to expand the capabilities of their intranet to accommodate both business changes and company growth. Created dynamic web site for school district around Cold Fusion and SQL Server which allows students to keep track of grades, awards, projects, employment etc. so that they can easily fill out college or employment applications. Templates allow students to create password protected custom 'presentations' of their information to show recruiters/employers and can include images and streaming media.

June 2002 to Present Founder, Wireless ISP
Keyroute.net, Oakland, CA (www.keyroute.net)
Keyroute.net Started a small wireless network to provide high speed Internet access in the Trestle Glen neighborhood of Oakland. Host five domains, providing e-mail with spam filtering and secure web-mail access and web space for individuals and domains. Most recently launched a private web site for users to share neighborhood specific content such as DVD libraries, calendars, and recipes. The network is run off of a Mac OS X server and a Free BSD server, both running BIND, Postfix, Apache, PHP, MySQL, SquirrelMail, WU IMAP, and QPopper with occasional backup duties handled by a Windows2000 server running IIS and Microsoft DNS.

May 2000 to December 2003 Web Architect
California Gas Transmission (PG&E), San Francisco, CA (www.pge.com/pipeline/)
PG&E California Gas Transmission Modernized existing web site, providing consistent navigation and architecture. Currently providing new site and information architecture, coding specifications, and style outline for total site re-design. Built content management system and automated many manual processes for external web site. Used the creation of a fully database-driven intranet site as teaching tool for web team. Skills taught were applicable to maintaining the PHP/MySQL/rSync based CMS of the public site. The CMS also allowed easy transition to Citrix based remote site updates for on-call web team members. Participated in evaluating several technology initiatives and helped design several internal database systems to provide more timely and accurate data to customers.

November 1995 to May 2000 WebMaster/Designer
AMS.net, Livermore, CA (www.ams.net)
Transformed company web site from an out dated, static, product catalog into a dynamic company information system built around ColdFusion and MS SQL Server (and watched sales grow from two million to ten million without an increase in sales staff). Customers now use the public web site to build their own quotes for networking products and services as well as stay informed about the status of their orders and support requests. All aspects of the company's business now flow through the back end intranet including Sales, Human Resources, Marketing, Shipping/Receiving, and Purchasing as well as the public site maintenance. Also designed an education portal site which would allow AMS education customers to create their own mini portals, consolidating classroom information for their students and allowing students to build online 'reports'.
November 1994 to November 1995 Applications Engineer
VideoStream Inc. Ukiah, CA
Used proprietary language to build authoring system for interactive television programming. Helped architect overall user interface as well as selected aspects of back end storage system. Also designed company's public web site using FileMaker Pro and custom AppleScripts to generate news articles without the author having to know html. Collaborated on internal documentation web site on a Linux server.
October 1991 to November 1994 Applications Engineer
TT2D Inc. Ukiah, CA
Created computer portion of interactive videodisc programs for education using several authoring systems on multiple platforms. Also developed authoring system for teachers and students to create their own interactive videodisc programs about works of literature. The authoring system allowed the user to quickly compile a teaching aid or a video book report without having to know any programming or scripting languages.
June 1993 to November 1993 Meandering Photographer
Sabatical from TT2D Inc. Ukiah, CA (www.propellerheads.com/creative/photographs/americas/)
Five month journey through Central and South America in search of interesting things to photograph.
Education B.F.A. in Photography, New York University, May 1991
Relevant Skills
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl, SQL, C Shell, ASP, Apache, MySQL, IIS, MS SQL Server, Photoshop, Illustrator, general graphic design skills, Macintosh, Windows, FreeBSD, Linux and a smattering of Solaris.
Other Interests
Photography, astronomy, the possibility of finding alien life, education, rowing, world travel, and a good bubble bath.