a few propellerheads
Keyroute.net Public Website

Keyroute.net I started Keyroute.net to fulfill my own need for high speed access. I talked to people in my neighborhood and found that the lack of DSL and Cable was a real limitation in working from home or even downloading music. I had already set up my own servers to host propellerheads.com on a slow IDSL line, and had been using wireless networking in my house for a couple of years.

After getting an initial household on-line with the IDSL line and a low end wireless bridge, I ordered a T-1 line and started signing up additional households. Over the past year I have gone from providing simple e-mail and web access to adding spam filtering, web mail, and web hosting as well as SSL/TLS services for both mail and web.

Twirl Movie Catalog

In addition to the standard services, I have begun a private database for the neighborhood (and friends and family) accessible through a web browser. The first thing to come on-line has been the movie library. People can add their Tapes and DVDs to the database and choose to either share it with other users or simply use it to catalog their own collection. If shared, people can request to check out movies from each other and see what is currently on loan. Next up are restaurant, recipe, and wine databases.

Languages, OSs and applications used: PHP, Perl, Shell scripting, HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, MySQL, BIND, WebDAV, rsync, ssh, Postfix, procmail, SpamAssassin, cron.