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As much as we would like to think that all of the hits we get are people looking for us, the reality is that many of you are looking for one of the sites below. Before you fire off an e-mail asking us about Reason take a look and see if you are on the right site.

Propellerheads Software Propellerheads Software
After the introduction of ReBirth these beanie clad techno-music gurus have really exploded in popularity. Unfortunately we aren't them, but we get enough e-mail asking about them that they deserved a link;)
Missing Propellerheads
Missing Anyone?

Are you a propellerhead too? If you are, and you think you are being slighted by your lack of presence on this page, drop us a line and we'll see if we can add you.

Interstellar Propeller Intersteller Propeller
Now what self respecting propellerhead would be complete without her beanie!?
The Propellerheads The Propellerheads
Dreamworks Records, the Propellerheads' label, has one of the worst websites I have seen lately. I couldn't even get to the Propellerheads' pages, so I am just pointing you to the Dreamworks site and letting you find your own way around. You might also be able to find a little info on the Wall Of Sound web site which is a bit more navigable.