a few propellerheads

The creative section is meant to showcase the creativity of propellerheads as an organization as well as to provide a creative outlet for the members and family members of a few propellerheads.

words Words
I am not a very prolific writer, so unless I can convince my sister or some of the other propellerheads to contribute this will remain a pretty sparse section. What's here now are a couple of political pieces about police brutality and one about spam.
Please respect the copyrights of the works on this website. Unless otherwise noted, everything is © John M. Brewer. There are several additional contributors and I would like that to increase over time, but it is hard to convince people to share their work, if people simply appropriate it for their own websites etc. If you would like to use any of the works here publicly please contact us via our contact page.
photos Photos
The photo weblog on the home page is made up of pictures that were taken or which appealed to the artist on any given day. This section is a place for picture stories, photo essays, or just portfolios.
web Web
All of the propellerheads websites are designed in-house and we have also done sites for several other companies. Most of the sites are database driven and mainly Intranet sites rather than publicly available Internet sites.