a few propellerheads
photographs by john m. brewer (1993)

A small selection of photos which I took on a trip from California to Ecuador between June and October of 1993. If I ever get around to it, maybe I will add some from further on in the trip. Take a peek and imagine a very enlightening experience.

Train Tunnel Hidalgo Four Friends
Train Tunnel
Barancas Del Cobre, Mexico. Taken less than a week after I had crossed into Mexico...a beautiful, though less than comfortable ride...weren't they all.
Guadalajara, Mexico. Part of a mural by Jose Clemente Orozco in the Guadalajara Government Palace.
Four Friends
Palenque, Mexico. And what a game of stickball they can play.
Skull Flores Antigua Festival
Palenque Ruinas, Mexico. One of the reliefs at the Palenque Ruinas.
Flores, Guatemala
When I arrived here from Belize, I thought that there couldn't possibly be a worse bus ride on the planet. When I left, three days later for Guatemala city I knew better.
Fireworks Bull
Antigua, Guatemala. I guess it is safer to be inside the framework of the bull when your friend lights the fireworks than an idiot photographer standing six feet from the flying bottle rockets.
Brujo Festival Small Fire
I am having trouble locating my notes on just what the name of this town is...it might be San Cristobal. It is not very far (by bus) from Antigua.
Santiago Atitlan. Once you left the docks, the quiet working town was beautiful.
Small Fire
?, Honduras. A sleepy little border town...possibly Agua Caliente. I watched a soccer game, then wandered most of the town. Nobody seemed to mind the fire.