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AMS.NET 2003 Redesign
AMS.NET public website

AMS.NET Home Page AMS.NET's business model had undergone some changes since they had designed their web site. When it was originally conceived, their focus had been school district and city government networks. Their new focus was on IP Telephony and they were getting more government and University contracts. They wanted an updated and modern design and to hilite various products and technologies and the solutions they offered. In addition they wanted to keep the dynamic quote creation tools that their customers already enjoyed.

2003 Products

I created a flexible site architecture which allows them to dynamically hilite various technologies on their home page in addition to easily posting news articles via their internal database system. The drop-down menu system makes the site seem small and navigable and allows quick access to even the multi-thousand product catalog. When logged in, customers can also track job and shipment status in addition to their purchase history and service requests.

Languages and applications used: ColdFusion, HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, MS-SQL Server.