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CGT Pipe Ranger CGT's public web site is focused on a small number of customers who need timely pipeline operating information in order to run their businesses. Although the site seems simple, it is driven by a large number of dynamic processes which build pages on schedules and via user direction. In addition to trying to give their customers a satisfying experience, there are also multiple regulatory requirements around the timely posting of certain data.

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Much of my work here revolved around setting up standard processes for deploying this data. When I arrived there were several perl scripts which had evloved over time as well as a collection of manual processes which consumed considerable time to accomplish fairly trivial tasks. In addition to modernizing and consolidating the perl scripts, I built a simple content management system which handled all of the former manual tasks and added a consistent interface to things as mundane as posting a news article.

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The web based content management system (built using PHP and MySQL) recently solved a potentially crippling problem. Web staff are on-call each week to post news and other critical pipeline information. Remote access to the company network was changed from a dialup system, to a keyed Citrix solution which lacked tools such as Dreamweaver which the on-call web person needed to work. Because almost all on-call tasks are now incorporated into the cms, the transition was seamless.

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In addition to working on the web site architecture, and various internal projects, my responsibilities included teaching the other members of the web team the technologies needed to keep our web site relevant to our customers. Toward that end, I used a re-design of our Intranet site to move to a fully database driven model, helping the team learn to use MySQL, PHP, CSS and XHTML. Skills which were directly applicable to maintaining the public web site and moving it forward.

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The Intranet site has also allowed several other sections of the business to post their own information without needing to know HTML. The most recent example shaved dozens of hours off of a manual monthly process to deliver past due notices. Another tool on the site allowed statistics on system problems to be tracked and analyzed easily by the people solving the problems.

Languages and applications used: PHP, Perl, Shell scripting, HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL Server, rsync, ssh, curl, Postfix, procmail, cron, proftpd.