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Twirl Movie Library
(private web site for keyroute.net users only)

Twirl Movie Listing As part of the Keyroute.net Wireless Internet Service, I have added a private login system and a modular database driven web site. The first module of the site allows all of the users (neighbors by virtue of the limited range of the wireless system) to catalog their Video Tapes and DVDs. Other modules in the works will allow recipe exchange and wine reviews and cellar tracking. When browsing, it is possible to view your own, or everyones movies.


One of the main purposes of the 'Twirl' application is to foster an online community among friends and neighbors. A simple web form allows the users to add and edit movies for their own library as well as check movies in and out to other neighbors. Movies can also be checked in and out in a simple two click operation from the listing. Future additions will allow users to rate movies, keep certain movies hidden from the general listing and send automated e-mails when new movies are added to users who subscribe.

Languages and applications used: PHP, MySQL, Apache (ModSSL), Postfix.