a few propellerheads

The geek who runs this show (me) has quite a bit of experience with computers of all sorts, but my passions run to both the Mac OS and (particularly wireless) networking. Between my normal job(s) and my Wireless ISP business, I am constantly researching and learning new things. From time to time I will put up articles on things as far ranging as basic system maintenance to long range wireless links, to building your very own database server.

Mac OS Tips/Info Mac OS Tips/Info
Basic tutorials, tips and tricks some of which are applicable across platforms but generally with a Mac OS slant.
Other Info
There always seem to be things that just don't quite fit. Mamiya C330 So far this is just the on-line manual for the Mamiya C330s. I originally made it for my sister when my family got her the camera one Christmas. There were no real manuals to be found and the best on-line ones were a bit lacking. As time goes on, you might find other 'other' info here.
Wireless Info Wireless
Info about various wireless technologies, groups and networks all revolving around 802.11b and 802.11g. There are also links to various antenna and radio gear dealers which I have purchased equipment from.
Technical Links Links
Just a collection of links from the other tech pages as well as a few links that didn't seem to fit nicely elsewhere.