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 Mamiya C330 Professional Forward and Back
Mamiya C330
Mamiya C330S & C330

This manual was adapted for the web from scans of an original C330S manual. The scans were done by Erik Jonker. During the conversion to the web version I made a few style changes as well as a couple of grammer changes, mainly to make the document more web friendly. Also thanks to Keven Fedirko for finding all of my typos.

There are also a few additions that I made; pointing out where the C330S differs from the original C330, and the color photos on page 3 are of a C330, and not a C330s. (the color photos are by Bob Erdman).

Jan-Jaap Aue hosts a copy of this manual and sent me a PDF version of it for people who would rather print it out.

Hope you find this helpful...John M. Brewer of a few propellerheads.

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