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Technical Links

In the interest of finally getting all of this on-line, I will be throwing this up and adding the content back as I find the time. Some of the old stuff is wildly outdated and I haven't finished writing the new stuff yet.

Shopping (Computer Hardware)
You won't neccessarily find the lowest prices, but their web site is top notch and you can customize to your hearts content. They also carry a decent array of accessories along with links to the manufacturer info pages.
Small Dog Electronics
One of the coolest on-line stores around. If you are looking not only for a great deal, but great people (who also love dogs!) then this is the place. They have both new and refurbished equipment (both apple and store refurbished).
Mac Warehouse
We have purchased a couple of machines as well as some other peripherals from here. You can often get free shipping and lots of other little perks with your purchase.
Mac News/Updates
Probably the best place to find info about System Updates, hardware problems and new software. It is billed as a site for Macintosh managers and you will find a good moderated discussion about all manner of problems and first hand experiences with new software and hardware, sometimes including notes from the developers themselves.
A general Macintosh news site. Carries brief articles along with unmoderated discussions about new software releases, system updates, hot deals, etc.