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If you haven't noticed it by now, computer people love acronyms. This one is not only easy to remember though, but very useful to know:


When I first wrote this definition, FAQs were starting to pop up everywhere. Now that the net is part of everyday life, so are FAQs and this definition is almost silly. I'll keep it around though for nostalgia and the occassional newbie.

FAQs are basically just a quick way to familiarize yourself with what is going on. At a computer company site, the FAQs might tell you about common problems with easy solutions, at a chat room site the FAQ may give you a lesson in local etiquette and at a shopping site, you might learn about the tax and shipping policies.

Some sites should really read a definition of FAQ before they put theirs up because they seem to think it is yet another way to advertise. An FAQs main purpose should be to answer frequently asked questions, not questions the company wishes you would ask.

Most FAQs are aranged in a Q: and A: style with all of the questions that are contained in the document listed at the top for easy scanning. Get informed...Read the FAQs!