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Technical Links

In addition to my day job, I am running a small community wireless network. Currently we only have six nodes, but we hope to expand to 10 (I don't want to do much more tech support than that). I hope fo put up some articles about our trials and tribulations, but for now I will just link you to other community wireless efforts and software.

Community Wireless Networks
NoCatNet and NoCatAuth were started by an O'Reilly author who wanted to get all of his co-workers on-line. He found that it was easier to put all of Sabastopol on-line but he would need an easy way to make the co-op work. Their software is now available for anyone and there are some great links and articles available.
The Bay Area Wireless Users Group is a great starting point for anyone considering building a Community Wireless Network, especially if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area.